Our unique training is designed to get your employees from the warehouse to behind the wheel quickly and safely.
The hands-on training is done one-on-one so that students can concentrate and remain focused on learning. Our training methods allows our clients to learn more in less time. Most students are ready to test for their license within two to three weeks of training.
Learn all the aspects of a full pre-trip inspection. Acquire all the skills needed to successfully complete and pass any state pre-trip inspections.
Learn and practice the actual maneuvering skills required by your state. Skills such as: Straight Back, Alley Dock, Right and Left Side Parallel Parking, and Right and Left Side Off Set Backing
Get hours of behind-the-wheel time and learn how to double clutch while shifting up and down. Learn about gear patterns, RMPs, speed matching, rail road crossing procedures, making turns, correct procedures on driving up and down hills, and how to correctly take on and off ramps.
Learn state laws and what is required to obtain your learner’s permit. Learn general knowledge and learn about combination air brakes. Hazmat training is also available.